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We’re Bringing You Black Friday (without the chaos)

Every year for South Africans, Black Friday is simply a news item you hear about that you half wish you could be a part of, and when you see the chaos, are half glad you’re not.

black friday sale amazon import it all south africa johannesburg shop online buy special sale cyber mondayThis year will be different. This year Import It All is bringing South Africa the very best of Black Friday. Through our many years of relationship with, you’ll be able to get all the great prices without the crazy chaos.

Starting from 21 Nov 2015, we’ll be tracking Amazon’s daily specials in the run up to Black Friday (they’ve started early this year). We’ll keep tracking them on Black Friday (27 Nov 2015) and then we’ll follow them through to Cyber Monday (30 Nov 2015). We’ve set up a dedicated Black Friday page on our site that you can keep watching to see every special that Amazon runs.

We can’t wait to bring Black Friday and Cyber Monday onto screens (whatever size they might be) all over South Africa.


Updating Specials – Amazon will be renewing, adding, and taking away specials during the entire period. If you see a special on our site in the morning, there’s no guarantee that it’ll be there in the afternoon. So please act quickly. We’re not deciding what’s gets onto the specials list or what get’s taken off. We’re tracking exactly what Amazon is doing.

Payment – Amazon runs their specials (during the run up, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday) for a specific time period. Each special is different. Because we’ll be buying on your behalf, we’ll offer the special for a similar amount of time. This also means that if we haven’t received confirmation of your payment within 2 hours of you making the payment, we will have to cancel your order. This is not because we’re nasty, it’s because we can’t get you the price you saw if the special ends. And we can’t place your order until we receive your money.

If you pay by credit card then your payment will be confirmed immediately. EFT payments will need to go through the normal confirmation process. That means we’ll need confirmation of your EFT payment within two hours of you placing the order.

What’s Included In The Price You Pay? – People often ask how our prices are made up? This is often because they look at the Amazon price, do a quick calculation in their heads (to convert from Dollars to Rands) and then query why our price is more expensive. Here’s why….. The price you see on the Import It All site is inclusive of:

  • The duty that must be paid to SARS (no matter how you bring it in, you will always pay duty where the item falls within the SARS rules).
  • VAT, and VAT is always due. VAT on imported items, sadly, is calculated by SARS at 14% of 110% of the value of the item.
  • Delivery to our offices in South Africa, from wherever we sourced it from.
  • Insurances against the item getting lost in transit or arriving damaged.
  • Clearance and sometimes Port Health Fees.
  • A tiny handling fee onto the price, which includes us making sure that your item gets to you in the order you expect it to arrive. We check every item before we send it out, and where something is wrong we let you know, and we send it back to the supplier to get a replacement.

P.S. – If you had to bring any item into South Africa through a courier company, you’d have to pay all of the above when you collect your item.

What the Price Doesn’t Include – The price on our website includes everything except the final delivery leg. If you live in a large major centre within SA the delivery charge is R59, regional is R99, and if you order 5 items or more then it’s FREE!

Will You Get It Before Christmas? – Sadly we can’t guarantee that. Our Christmas Orders date ended on 20 Nov 2015. While there is a good chance that anything you order on Black Friday or Cyber Monday will arrive at your door on time, we can’t make any promises. We do have an online tracking system that will show you exactly where your parcel is at all times, and we will keep you up to date, via email, as your order moves through the delivery process.

Who is Import It All?Import It All is a South African based company that specialises in the things you want, that they won’t deliver to South Africa, and that you can’t find locally. We have over 22 million products on our database and we pride ourselves in our customer experience and service. We’ve been in the online retail business for over 10 years. If you aren’t one of our thousands of customers, we’re looking forward to you becoming one.

Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with?

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