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Looking for Winners. Never Giving Up

We’re a competition crazy bunch of people at Import It All. We’re pretty sure that our customers feel just like we do when it comes to winning something…. it’s rocks. There’s nothing like getting a note, or receiving a phone call to let you know you’ve won something. And not ‘won something’ like those Nigerian 419 type email scams we all get, about an aunt or uncle who’ve died and left us millions. No, the kind of really awesome message where you really did win something that you entered.

We’ve found that the most successful competition for us to run is a Facebook ‘Like and Win’ competition. They’re easy to enter and feedback we receive says people really like them. All you have to do is Like the post, and lots of people share the love with their friends. That’s it. At the end of the competition time period we use a random draw generator to pick one lucky person. We create a post to announce to the world who’s won, and we send them a message on Facebook (we don’t collect anyone’s information, but we do know who they are on Facebook) to let them know they’ve won. And that’s where the difficulty sets in….

The Challenge of Finding Winners

The only way we can contact people is via a personal message on their Facebook account. While people may have liked our FB page we can only send a message through a personal account. It seems that Facebook doesn’t handle messages to people you aren’t friends with in the same way it does with people you are friends with (it’s a Spam control thing). Please check back at the end of the competition on our Facebook page to see if you’re a winner.

What ends up happening is that we don’t always hear back from the winner. In our competition T’s & C’s we stipulate that if we can’t get hold of the winner within 2 weeks we re-draw. And we do re-draw. There’s nothing worse than anyone who runs a competition and doesn’t give away the prize. So we keep going until we find a winner and get that prize delivered. Our record so far has been to re-draw 4 times.

We Won’t Stop

So be assured, we won’t stop until we find a winner for each competition. It’s part of who we are at Import It All. We don’t ever give up, no matter what we’re doing. Whether it’s helping a customer find what they’re looking for, ensuring an order arrives on time, or finding a winner for one of our competitions.

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