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Our 20 Days of Big Daddy Amazing Christmas Prices

It’s always so exciting having Christmas just around the corner. We kind of understand (a tiny little bit) that some people get a little testy about Christmas being rolled out in stores earlier and earlier every year, but we’re not those kind of people. Christmas means the year is so close to ending you can almost taste it, you can certainly hear it, and if you’re close to a bakery you can definitely smell it. Christmas means lots and lots of days lazing around in the sun, kicking back, chilling with friends and family and eating all sorts of yummy scrumptious food. But most of all, above everything else, Christmas means that we’re going to be visited by the Biggest Daddy of them all, Saint Nic. And we love him because he brings presents. Reindeer sleigh loads of them. What a guy. He’s the ultimate BIG DADDY.

At Import It All we’re proud to be an Official Partner of Christmas. Every year around June or July we pack our warmest clothes and head up to the North Pole for the Annual Christmas Logistics Meeting (ACLM). It’s run by Limmel, the littlest big guy in Santa’s delivery department. One of the things we undertake as an Official Partner is to pick a pre-determined number of products (this year Limmel chose 23) and give them the best possible price we can, and make them available to you for a pre-determined period of time (this year it’s 20 days).

This year our 20 Days of Big Daddy Christmas Specials runs from 1-20 November 2015. We’ve picked 23 really cool gifts, and given them the best possible prices we can.

Our Big Daddy Christmas Specials will be available exclusively through our website from early in the morning on 1 Nov. This year our Christmas Order Cut Off Date (COCOD) is 20 November 2015 when the special ends. We have an order cut off date because traffic from the North Pole at this time of the year is a little congested and in order to get your orders to you on time, we’ve got to let Limmel and his team know early enough for shipping to happen smoothly.

We’ve also collected pages of gift ideas for you to look through and choose from. Gifts for Kids / Teens / Her and Him. And of course, what’s Christmas without a few fab Stocking Filler items.

Check out our website from 1 November for full details and amazingly low prices

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