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We Have A Personal Shopper Service

A Personal Shopper Service is simply another way of saying ‘I have a Butler who does my shopping for me’.

Are you this person, or have you ever been this person?

Have you found something you REALLY want, only to discover the store will not ship it to you? Or are you looking for the convenience and security of someone taking care of all the pricing guesswork, customs, insurance, delivery and unforseen problems for you?

If you have been the person described above then we may have made your day?

Activate Our Personal Shopper Service in Three Easy Steps

It’s really simple to make Import It All your own personal Butler, in just three easy steps….

  1. Go to our Personal Shopper Service page on our website (click here)
  2. Fill in the details we ask for in the form (this will enable us to find the item and quote you on delivery and all costs to your front door)
  3. Click the submit button at the end of the form

It’s that easy. We’ll get back to you with a quote, and if you’d like to go ahead with the order there’s a link to click on in the email we send you.

Go on. Get yourself an online shopping Butler. You know you want to 🙂

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